An animated film about the fear of death.

Cast & Credits

Rating: NR
Genre: Animation, Horror, Comedy
Directed By: Alberto Genovese
Written By: Alberto Genovese and Mattia De Pascali
To Be Released: 2021
Runtime: 78 minutes


Protagonist of the paradoxical adventure is a famous undertaker who’s been on the streets since death itself was banned in the city and supplanted by a practical method of resurrection, to which no citizen can resist.
The uselessness of the now obsolete coffins drives the funeral director to an economic and existential crisis. Man, now too old, is not able to adapt to the changing times nor is he able to confront a society so distinctly tanatophobic. His own stubbornness will drive the protagonist to expose an irrational system that, in the repudiation of the word ‘end’, reveals all his deception.