What was he like as a person? How did his photos come about? A mixture of sober facts and very personal anecdotes determine Robert Doisneau: Through the Lens, from biographical stations and ideological encounters. ​

Oliver Armknecht, Film Rezensionen

Cast & Credits

Rating: NR
Genre: Documentary
Directed By: Clementine Deroudille
To Be Released: 2020
Runtime: 83 minutes
Cast:Clementine Deroudille, Eric Caravaca, Sabine Azema


Featuring previously unissued photographs and video archives as well as interviews of his friends and partners in crime, Robert Doisneau: Through The Lens tells how the kid from the poor suburbs turned superstar photographer. It draws the intimate portrait of the life and work – being so closely interwoven – of and artist fiercely determined to be purveyor of happiness.